Fonts Matter!

Do you have any preferences when it comes to fonts in your electronic correspondence, or in the documents you write? Do you just follow the pre-settings?

Our choice of font is usually limited by the branding or corporate rules at work, the technology we use, the digital platform we exchange on etc. Being limited in our choice of font is unfortunate, especially because we now rarely use our handwriting to show our personality and style.

But are we really limited, or do we have too much choice? A typeface may never quite be able to replicate the intimacy of pen and ink but with an estimated 200,000 fonts to choose from today, there is no shortage of different styles to choose from (BBC Magazine: Do typefaces really matter?). There is life beyond Comic Sans!

How to choose the right font for your correspondence in your new venture?

A new venture is an opportunity for you to express your own style and your company’s charm and appeal. We would think of 4 preliminary questions:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What emotions would I like to convey to them?
  3. Is that in line with my business and own-brand identity?
  4. Is that readable in all electronic communication format and platforms?

Design Letters have leveraged the power of fonts in their stationery design. They have adopted Arne Jacobsen’s hand-drawn typography from 1937. They have turned Arne Jacobsen typography into daily stationery products. To me, it conveys a cool, professional, fun as well as creative and arty feeling; a nice way of linking typography to our daily physical lives.


We first spotted them at Paperworld in Frankfurt this year, and are now very happy to see Selfridges selling some of their products. Our favourite is the “Actions” book, which we find very functional and cool to use in our professional as well personal life.

IMG_7850 (1)


You have the opportunity to bring fun, serious, contemporary, nostalgic, and many more emotions while writing your emails, writing your daily plan, your recipes, your diary, or even just small notes to yourself not only on the screen but on your paper stationery as well.

We would love to hear about your favourite font – how does it make you feel?


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Starting up…

Frankfurt Messe – Paperworld 2017 – We thought this would be the right address to start our search for products that could be different from what we see day-to-day, something that would excite the starters of any new ad-ventures.

The very first desk of ideas shows us the key three actions for our business venture: Remember, Do, and Cash 🙂

and a reminder of an office indulgence, chocolate. Doesn’t it taste better at work!

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Coloured, eclectic, flowery patterns are still in the range of many companies but more subtle, natural colours, materials, and looks captured our attention too.  Probably our desk is the only place to express our style and our feelings while working. But how do we want to feel at our desk?

So many people complain about their work and so few would be bold enough to say it that loud in the office! But we like it, no need to hide the truth…:)

In most offices, we use the boring stationery provided by the company, unless we pay ourselves. Is it the same in all workplaces?

Here is a very strong colour statement!.. The display says we are the colour authority.  One could say this looks like a paint department in a home improvement store. For how many of us is colour the first criteria we chose our notebook based upon?

And of course quotes!  There are so many used in stationery: motivational, inspirational, related mindfulness, philosophical, witty, funny, and the list goes on.  They make the notepads look like greeting cards.  However, we must admit they are a good little reminder when it comes to those low moments for some of us… What would lift our spirits if we read it on the cover of a notebook?

So yes, our search has raised more questions than answers… Please let us know your thoughts below.