Pageover strives to bring a team of authors and guest bloggers for you.

It was established by Pels, a stationery enthusiast. Pels have been promoting flexible working and entrepreneurship during her corporate life (with a lot of boring stationery around), she now wants to share and gather ideas about how we can have a more organised and stylish flexible working lifestyle.

“To me a stationery item is often a signpost for a new project or venture.  That’s why I reach a new notebook whenever I start a new job to deliver, a new page to write on after another one is over. Do you do the same?”

“We are seeing a fast increase in co-working spaces, home offices, and we all work on the move thinking, talking, noting, designing, and resolving. How much do those spaces reflect who we are, our style, and what we do? How do we get better organised in those spaces?”

Pageover team research, review, and write about products and ideas to answer those questions. Please get in touch here if you have ideas to suggest to look into and write about, or please write your comments on our blog articles.

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Most importantly, do what you love and do it often!

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