What’s special about stationery in Spain?

IMG_8412You may think of why you would go to a stationery shop in the land of beaches but think of rainy surprises…! And you might find unique designs.

IMG_8406In a short visit to the Ale-Hop store in Motril, you can see the bright colours, relaxed imagery of the south of Spain in their stationery stand. Fun and inspirational quotes combined with good quality notebook binding and paper.

IMG_8405All the products are very well priced – €3 for a notebook, which you can contrast with the price of something similar in an English high street or department store – and with lots of variation in colour.

IMG_8404The product range appeals to youngsters and young feeling stationery users, and certainly provides a good spot for unusual souvenirs and gifts.

Have you seen any eye-catching spanish designs in stationery you’d like to share?


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